• LEXSA Member Giveaway: Scrapbooking Kit
    Mon, 16 May
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    To celebrate Scrapbook Day, LEXSA members can register for a free Scrapbooking Pack to help you get creative!
  • Member Giveaway: Lolly Packs!
    Mon, 23 May
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    LEXSA members can register for a free lolly pack to help get you through the end of Term/Session!
  • LEXSA Biggest Morning Tea
    Wed, 25 May
    SCU Plaza
    LEXSA is hosting a Biggest Morning Tea on Wednesday 25th May, alongside our Live Music and lunch vouchers! Students can pick up a lunch voucher, grab a coffee or tea, enjoy some live music and bring a gold coin for a cake/cupcake.
  • Wellness Workshop #4: Music Trivia!
    Wed, 25 May
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    Join us online to meet other students and challenge each other in a game of Music Trivia + your chance to win a $10 Coles Voucher for Week 4, Term 2 / Week 12, Session 1
  • Crochet Beanie Workshop
    Wed, 29 June
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    If you signed up for a Crochet Beanie Pack, then join our workshop to get some help or crochet along with others! If you missed out, don't worry! All students can still join our workshop - see materials below!