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Joining a student club is a great way to meet new people who share your interests. Learn about yourself and develop new skills in project management, event planning and people management by participating in club activities.

LEXSA has 13 active clubs and societies focused on educational, social or interest/hobby based gatherings and activities on a regular basis.

our LEXSA clubs & Societies
  • Law Club

    Law Club is a Lismore based, Southern Cross University student organisation for students studying law, or interested in the law from the perspective of another discipline.

    Law Club aims to complement student’s academic journey with events, excursions and networking opportunities relevant to legal practice, the justice system, jurisprudence and beyond.

  • Multimedia Club

    We are looking to encourage student involvement into the creative sector by providing support outside of the academic structure of our degrees. Social events, workshops and professional talks will be available for students to attend and connect with other like minded creatives.

  • SOMA

    We are the 'Student Osteopathic Medicine Association' at Southern Cross University. Our aim is to create a supportive community for osteopathy student to engage within. We provide social events which give students of all five year levels a chance to interact and socialize in a relaxed setting. We organize educational events such as workshops as well as guest speakers from around the country. 

  • Mature Aged Students Club

    The Mature Age Students Club is a venue where students can meet socially. We will have meetings with invited speakers. These meetings will address topics particularly relevant to the needs of Mature students, for example: accommodation, or health issues. We will auspice times and places where Mature students can meet socially.

  • Foodies Club

    SCU Foodies is a food appreciation society at the Southern Cross University Lismore campus, the club strives to expand food focused students palate by providing opportunities to try various types of food from different cultures.

  • Engineering Society

    The main purpose of the Southern Cross University Engineering Society is to assist students in developing their careers in engineering as well as organizing outings & events designed to promote professional and social networking. 

  • QSCU Society

    QueerSCU Society promotes inclusivity, respect and awareness of gender diversity on the Lismore campus of Southern Cross University. We are a collective of students, staff and academics who aim to create like minded peer support and connection.

  • International  Social  Club

    The International Student Social Club is a place where domestic and international students can get together and learn more about each other's culture. We host a variety of social events throughout the year designed to make it easier for international  students to make friends, stay connected, receive peer support, engaged with the university, break down language barriers and most of all, have fun!

  • Spin, Fire & Flow

    Spin Fire & Flow is a student club which encourages creativity through exercise and self expression. We use a variety of circus toys to help facilitate both physical and mental stress relief and a social interactive space for students on a weekly basis

    *Please note this activity is currently not happening due to Covid19.

  • Student  Garden

    *Currently not operating due to Covid19


    The Southern Cross University, Student Community Garden is a space on the Lismore Campus dedicated to growing a variety of organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, trees and native flowers. It provides students with an abundance of healthy food, physical exercise, social connection, and a peaceful place to unwind and enjoy nature during studies

  • Student Bouldering Wall

    *Currently not open due to Covid19

    Come climbing and get fit, build muscle, improve flexibility and have fun!

    2020 marks the Forth year of operation for the wall and will include aspirations to grow interest in the sport / facility and to continue to host sporting and social events. 

  • Muslim Students' Society

    The Muslim Students Society supports faith by fulfilling the religious, educational and social needs of Muslim students at Southern Cross University. We help Muslim students maintain their Islamic identity on campus by providing a space for prayer, networking, promoting religious understanding among all students.

  • Lismore SCU Christian Students Club

    Join our weekly meeting via Zoom

    We are Lismore SCU Christian students and as a group we exist to build a strong community together as believers in Christ. We gather to encourage each other in our faith, and to create a space for others to come and learn about Christianity and to give people the opportunity to know Jesus.

  • SCU Chess Club

    *Please note this club is not currently operating due to Covid19


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