scu community garden

a community garden run by scu students for scu students

Fancy yourself a bit of a green thumb? 

Come down to the SCU Community Garden and meet some like-minded people. Do as much or as little work as you like!


Our SCU Community Garden is open every Thursday afternoon from 3pm - 5pm (or sunset)*. All students are welcome to come down, lend a hand and take care of the plants.


During Autumn, the team help prepare the garden for the cooler months.


The garden is located on Lismore campus, between the SCU Gym and Fitness Centre Carpark and SCU Oval. Students volunteers are what keep the garden growing and any help you provide is greatly appreciated!

*Times may vary due to daylight savings.

*Please be advised LEXSA is taking precautions regarding Covid. Please remember to keep your distance, use hand sanitiser and stay safe.

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You can also join our FB discussion group here: Food For Though Garden

Or contact info@lexsa.com.au for more information.