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By Oriana Watts - A chronic case of isolation procrastination

Motivation, procrastination and inspiration; I thought I had finally worked out my recipe for productivity. This was before COVID-19 turned our world’s upside down.

My name is Oriana, and this is my first year of University studying a Bachelor of Laws. The interesting thing about my first three units is that most of my classes were already online so pre-COVID I only had 3 on-campus classes. However, I quickly realised that everything moving online would be a massive shock.

So, what’s it like studying online?

To me, studying online really made me think about why I chose my degree because no one was making me go to class, I didn’t have the guilt of turning up to tutorials unprepared and if I started slacking off, I could only hold myself accountable. It also made me reflect on why I loved learning on campus which is the face to face interaction with our peers and our tutors. There’s nothing more comforting than not understanding something and looking around and seeing other confused faces or being able to get feedback instantly when you ask a question. It’s also the little things like the stories shared in classes that don't necessarily get in an online class. Online study does however have its perks, I get to work in my own time, in my comfiest clothes and with my favourite study buddy…food.

My favourite student life hacks

Since moving home to self-isolate I can safely say that I’ve been motivated and inspired to procrastinate. This has made me really reflect on my favourite strategies to make online study more appealing which are;

  • Write lists! I cannot stress the absolute satisfaction you get when you’ve finished a To-do list. Writing down all of your tasks is a great way to free your brain of clutter and feel like your moving forward. Putting down even small things like going for a walk is an awesome way to remember to look after yourself.

  • Treat yourself! Trust me you deserve it. The world is full of negativity and uncertainty at the moment so by making your favourite snack or putting on a facemask you’ll put yourself into a more positive mindset. Getting the positive vibes flowing is going to make studying a lot more engaging and enjoyable.

  • Get colourful! I can say with certainty that I don’t think using lots of highlighters makes me remember any better, but it does motivate me to do the work.

  • Stay social! Connect with people from your classes online because chances are they feel the exact same way.

If there’s only one thing you take away from all of this, it should be that studying online is different for everyone. Just keep doing your best!

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