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Members Discord Server

Our current LEXSA members can now join us on Discord where we can connect online and chat about all things for students!

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We will be using the voice channels when participating in online events and workshops, or you can jump into the Lounge channel to hangout with students online.


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Pinterest Boards

Get some inspiration from our boards on Pinterest or pin some of your own ideas! Our boards include Student Meals, Wellness Workshops, O-Week Celebrations, Life Hacks, and more! 

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Youtube Channel

Check out our YouTube channel to see our online Meditation & Art Therapy series, yoga sessions, cooking classes, DIY tutorials and more!

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Spotify Playlists

We've put together some collaborative playlists for students including Study Beats, Session Mixes, Good Vibes for Stress Less, and a playlist featuring our SCU Student & Alumni talent!

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